Dynamics Filters in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If you’re using the RoleTailored Client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now simply called the “Windows Client” in NAV 2013), you’ve probably noticed the “My Customers”, “My Vendors” and “My Items” pages that are available on most of the role centres.


This screenshot is from NAV 2013, but it is much the same in 2009. Users can add and remove customers, vendors and items as appropriate and it provides a easy way to jump straight to the card page for that record.

Handy, but not enough for me to have seen any customers actually using it.

They become more useful when you realise that in NAV 2013 these records can be used as the basis for dynamic filters. For instance, you can filter the sales orders list to only show orders for customers which appear in your “My Customers” list.

Open the sales orders page and show the advanced filter (using the drop down by the “Sales Orders” label at the top). Select the “Sell-to Customer No.” field from the list and in the filter enter “%MyCustomers” (without quotes). You’ll see that the filter is automatically calculated from your “My Customers” list.


Using the same drop down you have the option to “Save View As”. Save this as “Sales Orders – My Customers” and you’ll see it appear in the Navigation Pane under Sales Orders.

If you add or remove records from “My Customers” the saved view will be updated to reflect your changes.

The following filters are available out of the box (we can customise NAV to add more options if required):

  • %User – returns the user ID of the current user.
  • %Company – returns the name of the current company.
  • %MyCustomers – returns a filter for records in “My Customers”
  • %MyItems – returns a filter for records in “My Items”
  • %MyVendors – returns a filter for records in “My Vendors”

The design of the client is geared towards presenting users with only the data and actions that they actually need and dynamic filters can help with this.

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