Dynamics CRM goes mobile

Mobility is one of the buzz words that IT loves to embrace, however with the advent of smart phones, tablets and remote working, the ability to deliver in certain roles is becoming essential.

CRM is definitely a product where demand for mobility is high. In the traditional role of CRM (managing the sales process) the ability to access and update data whereever the sales person/account manager finds themselve is imperative. Dynamics CRM has always been available within Outlook and via the browser (Internet Explorer) but now with the rise in popularity of tablets and smart phones, Microsoft have released a roadmap of what’s available from February 2013 and the roadmap for the next 6 months.

With Windows 8 now appearing on some really cool hardware including Microsoft’s own Surface device, the power of touch is becoming common place and a productive tool for the mobile worker.

The problem with touch is that traditional applications with their intricate small buttons and menus don’t work, a new interface is required.

So the Dymamics CRM for Sales app is a welcome addition to the CRM family


crm for surface 

Having been able to play with a demo version of this on my Surface for a while i can confirm that the ability to delve into data and update it is intuitive and productive. To be able to push an opportunity to the next stage in the sales cycle is easy and quick and uses touch really well.

I have posted this video before but seeing the app in action gives a clearer idea of how it works.

CRM Windows 8 Concept App

Of course the IPad is a major player in the tablet market and CRM also caters for its users. The next release for on premise customers will support the IPad browser.

CRM Ipad


In conclusion i have posted Microsoft’s latest roadmap dates as an indication on what to expect when, but to see the extension of CRM of its traditional home of the PC and laptop re-enforces the changing face of modern business software.

crm roadmap

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