DropDowns in Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC

I like the RoleTailored Client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. RTC brings a lot of great new features to the NAV party. One such feature is drop down lists.

I’m entering a new sales order and the cursor is in the Sell-to Customer No. field. When I click the drop arrow (or hit Alt+Down) I am presented with a drop down list from which to choose the customer I want. I can start typing the customer no. and the list is filtered while I type.

Useful, but if I already know the customer no. I don’t really need to list. Wait, there’s more.

You can click onto any of the column headings to change what you are searching for – or use the arrow keys. The filter icon indicates the column you are working with, Now if I type “Li” I get two customers from which to choose.


If I search by customer name more often than customer no. I can set Name as the default filter column by clicking the “Set as default filter column” link in the bottom right hand corner.

Great, but what would be really useful is if we could change the columns that are displayed in the drop down. Let’s say that I would like to search for customers by their VAT Registration No.

Find the Customer table in Object Designer in classic client and design it. Go to View, Field Groups.


You’ll notice a group called DropDown. Hit the AssistEdit button at the end of the line and a list of the fields which are in the group is displayed.



I’m going to add the VAT Registration No. field to the end of this list, click OK and save my changes to the table.

When I use the drop down to select a customer now, you will see the VAT Registration No. column added to the end of the list.

Provided the table has a key (View, Keys) that begins with the field you have added to the group, you will be able to filter the list by that field and set it as the default filter column. In the below example I’ve entered “78” and the drop down has been filtered to show the two customers whose VAT registration numbers begin with 78.


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