Don’t leave your reporting in the dark…

Your organisation will use specific business logic; all good businesses do. And it’s that logic that is the backbone of your processes, systems and most importantly – data and reporting.

Getting your business processes right is a top priority – but adding to the already endless list of tasks your processors, finance managers and sales people have to do is a big ask.

Adding in new data to Dynamics NAV dimensions is necessary and for someone who is creating new accounts or managing staff, this could be an everyday occurrence – but did you know that this doesn’t automatically post back in to your Dimensions Values?

That could mean all the documents your team are posting will not get picked up in your reporting correctly – throwing off the information you use to run your business.

In standard Dynamics NAV no notification or prompt will pop up when your team are creating a master data record telling them to add in the associated dimension value – and this will leave you in a pickle…

That’s why we have developed Dynamics Additions Default Dimensions. This simple add on will remove the risk of documents being posted with missing dimensions; saving you time and helping avoid disaster later when analysing and reporting on your company performance. It works through the automatic creation of dimension values when you add new master data – and it will even associate those values with that master data.

This really is an important, cost effective way to ensure your vital data is being posted correctly. Don’t leave your reporting in the dark…

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