Document Capture and Approvals in Dynamics NAV

For companies that process a lot of Invoice documents there is often a requirement to speed up the process of getting the information into the system. Added to this, where companies have implemented an approval structure, to be completed prior to posting the Invoice, you often end up customising Dynamics NAV in some way.

Here at Technology Management we have started to implement a vertical solution called Continia Document Capture which aids both the process of getting physical invoices (be it via paper or E-Mail) into Dynamics NAV and getting the Invoice approved with optimum speed.

Key features of Continia Document include:

  • Automatic Data Capture
  • Digital Approval Workflow
  • Automatic matching to Purchase Orders
  • Approvals from Dynamics NAV or Web Browser

Whilst we will focus on Purchase Invoices for this walkthrough, it should also be noted that Continia Document Capture can be used for other types of documents, such as Journals or Sales Order Imports.

Capture, OCR and Purchase Invoice Matching

Documents can be scanned into the system from within Dynamics NAV, processed from a Directory location or alternatively downloaded from an E-Mail account.

The document can be viewed from within Dynamics NAV and a template will be setup for each Supplier. The template stores the mapping between system fields (e.g. Item No.) and the physical document and is configured through a mapping exercise, using your mouse to indicate where on the physical document layout specific information can be found by the OCR software.


Continia Document Capture also allows for matching of the Invoice document against Purchase Order and Receipt Lines, and this is done through the Invoice Matching screen. Automatic matching can be performed where the solution will look to match Item, Quantity and Price information and any differences can be seen.


When the user is happy with the document it can be registered, at which point the Dynamics NAV Invoice will be created. It is also possible to setup Continia Document Capture to automatically match and register Invoices as part of the import process, which should be activated only after the initial template setup has been performed, to ensure that correct fields are being used for validation.

Purchase Approvals

Continia Document Capture uses Dynamics NAV Approval functionality, but builds on this to provide additional functionality.

Additional features include:

  • Force Approval – to bypass the Approval process and Release the Invoice
  • Forward Approval – to delegate approval to another user
    • With the ability to use the original approver’s authorisation limits
    • Ability to specify dates when this should be performed automatically
    • Ability to set an alternative Approval Flow on the Invoice for special circumstances
    • Files can be associated to an Invoice
    • Approval Comments can be added and seen within the Invoice document
    • Web based approval system for users that don’t have access to the Dynamics NAV client

From the Invoice within Dynamics NAV the physical Invoice document can be viewed and approval actions processed.


With Continia Document Capture users can be setup to either access their Approval Requests from within the system or alternatively through a Web Portal. The added advantage of the Web Portal is that it can be accessed from anywhere, is focused solely on showing the Invoices for Approval and for licensing you only require a Limited NAV User Licence, therefore saving costs.


From either the Web Portal or within Dynamics NAV changes can be made to the document (if allowed), the Approval Flow can be seen (showing who needs to Approve the Document and current position in the hierarchy) and comments can be added.

In accordance with standard Dynamics NAV approval functionality the user can Approve or Reject the document, but additionally with Continia Document Capture there are new options for the following:

  • Forward
  • On Hold

If the user chooses to Forward the Invoice they can choose the user that they believe needs to Approve, add a comment to be associated to the document and select the reason why. The reasons available are:

  • Approve & Forward – process Approval and send to another user to approve also
  • Forward without approval – where you cannot approve but you know who should approve
  • Forward and return to me for approval – where you need somebody else to approve first and then you would like the invoice approval sent back to you

The “On Hold” option simply identifies that the Approval Entry has been placed on hold and the Invoice cannot be released.

When the Invoice is approved, standard Dynamics NAV functionality will be processed, which may lead to further approval being required or the Invoice being released for processing.


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