Do you Excel?

Or are you just getting by with the world’s most popular Business Intelligence tool, Microsoft Excel, and maybe fancy enhancing your knowledge?

Did you know you can do this for free, using materials present by Microsoft’s own people?

Well has just this, EDX is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) but don’t left the daft label put you off, the content is serious. Basically, this is an online collection of courses from different sources, founded by Harvard and MIT, so it’s got some substance to it.

The courses are offered by a range of providers, one of which is Microsoft. This is not just any old trainer, these are often the product managers at Microsoft, so again, it’s the real deal. There is even a full program in Data Science (Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science) that can be followed that includes modules on Excel and Power BI which are relevant to most business users.

All of the courses are free to ‘audit’, you can use the learning resources and take the tests but if you wish to get a certificate for your efforts then you need to pay a fee. Of course, some people struggle to find the time to do this kind of self-paced on line study and many prefer working with someone face to face, if that’s the case then why not check out our Dynamics Learning courses for Excel or Power BI, and I’ll see you soon!

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