Disruption from the Icelandic Eruption

On Good Friday I posted about the disruption the proposed rail strike may cause your staff. The next morning it was deemed illegal and was promptly called off, making my post not quite as topical as i had hoped. Who would have thought 10 days later half of Europe’s airspace would be shutdown resulting in travel chaos across the globe. Suddenly the post is relevant again!

Harriett Morris one of Technology Management’s CRM consultants was out working in Houston for a week to find she couldn’t get back when her 7 days were up, so 5 days later she’s still stuck in a hotel over there. She has done some extra work on the project that she went over to set up, but she has been able to stay in touch with the office through terminal services, email working through Outlook Anywhere and Microsoft Office Communicator (OCS), allowing us to see when she appears online for any voice and messenger communication. Not as good as having Harriett back in the office, but we have still been able to tap into her CRM knowledge when required, and she has been able to remain productive.

P.S. In fact as i type this at around midnight i noticed Harriet was online via OCS and after a quick check her flight is looking promising for Wednesday 21st and she is full of praise for the way British Airways have looked after her. She has also educated at least one member of the hotel staff on how to make a proper cup of tea!

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