Define promotions on your products and even create reusable promotion codes for limited time offers in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Promotions can mean your company hits its targets in the slower months of the year. They give you something to talk to your customers about, often mean you can sell in higher volumes and even make your customer feel loved as they are getting something for nothing… an easy way to set these up in Dynamics NAV would be really useful, right?

The Promotions Addition from Technology Management allows you to define your promotional offers, the customers to whom the offers apply, the qualifying criteria for that offer and the benefit (e.g. free item lines, discount amount). It includes the ability to create single or multiple-use promotion codes, e.g. quote “JAN2016SALE” during January to receive 10% off the order value, extending the basic functions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV far beyond its ‘out of the box’ capabilities.

So whether it’s by one get one free, buy one get one half price, campaign pricing, invoice pricing, or any other type of offer you deem fit – you can set it up in Dynamins NAV and avoid the panicked sound of your sales staff, who will thank you got no longer needing to calculate the discount at the end of their phone calls!

Sound good? Have a look at it in action

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