Customising Profiles in Dynamics NAV 2013

This post follows on from Joy’s post about running the Dynamics NAV client with a different profile.

The main value of profiles lies in the ability to put the information and functions that your users work with every day at their finger tips. An order processor uses NAV and accesses data in a different way to your CEO. This should be reflected in the information that NAV presents to them.

Profiles provide the framework for you to select which role centre (home screen) your users see and the options they have in their navigation pane. NAV 2013 has built on the concept that was introduced with NAV 2009 with OneNote integration now being driven by the user’s profile. See this post for more information about OneNote integration.

Microsoft have also continued to improve the ability to customise pages in the NAV client. Quick entry is the notable new feature. All of these options are great, but what if you have a group of users who you want to all share the same customisations?customisations

It is possible to save customisations at the profile level. Any users who use that profile will then see the customisations that have been made. They can still make their own customisations, which are merged with the profile customisations, but the “reset defaults” button will reset the page back to the customisations saved at the profile.

How to make use of this feature?

Set yourself as the owner of the profile. Navigate to the Profiles page in NAV (Departments, Administration, Application Setup, RoleTailored Client, Profiles).

Open the card of the profile that you need to configure and select your user in the Owner ID field. profileUse the –profile command switch (as per Joy’s post) to open the client in the desired profile, but also include a –configure switch e.g. Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe –profile:”ORDER PROCESSOR” –configure

This will open the client with the desired profile in Configuration Mode. You should notice “Configuration Mode” in the top right hand corner.

Any customisation you make in this session will be saved against the profile. The next time another user with that profile opens the client they will see the changes that you have made.configuration mode

Dynamics NAV 2013 + Profiles = Productivity

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