Ctrl +C, the gift that keeps on giving!

Here at Technology Management we are quite keen to get our customer upgraded but its not for everyone. Last few weeks I have been working on a few of our clients with older version of Dynamics NAV. While reminiscing, I was reminded of some of the "shortcuts" in the old 2009 Development environment… These may be long forgotten (or indeed common knowledge) but thought I would bring them back into the light just in case there are of any use to anyone.

Here goes….

Struggling to remember an on screen error message? While its on screen copy it.. (ctrl+c )

Need to move a function from one place to another, who wants to completely rewrite the function in the new repository? This can be avoided by copying the function and pasting it to the new place. Just select the entire line rather than the text… This will recreate the function "as is" all locals copied with it ctrl+c to the rescue! 


In addition to the ease of copying functions, variables and text constants I found (by accident), that if you are copying a text constant Dynamics NAV knows what it is so can be passed in the variables section of the Globals (or locals)

Below you can see I have copied a single Text Constant Line (but I could have selected a block) and am about to paste it into the Global Variable Section of another table

    Capture1  Capture2

Clever NAV knows this and puts it in the right place..

Ctrl+C the gift that keeps on giving.



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