Create a new Custom RDLC Report layout:

Many reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 are based on RDLC. In previous versions of NAV users had not been able to customize RDLC based reports. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 the platform changes to support tenant-specific custom Word layouts. Reports in NAV 2015 can now be edited in Report Builder.

Create a new Custom RDLC Report layout

Select Sales Invoice Report 1306 from ‘Report Layout Selection’ page

Department/Administration/IT/Administration/Reports/Report Layout Selection

Find Report 1306: Sales – Invoice. The RDLC is currently the selected layout.

Select the Function ‘Custom Layouts’ in the Ribbon


Create new ‘Custom RDLC Report layout’ based on Sales Invoice Report 1306

Select New and then select ‘Insert RDLC Layout’


We can now give it a description


In the example below I have given it a description ‘My custom RDLC Report’


Edit the RDLC Report layout

We can now edit the RDLC Report layout. Select ‘Edit Layout’


The report builder open in Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder


Once the report opened we can edit the report. Cosmetic changes can be done and in my example below I have done the following changes:

· ‘Customer Address’ fields changed to Red and Bold

· ‘VAT Registration No.’ changed to Bold

· Remove the field ‘Company Giro No.’

· Moved the Company Bank Name one field lower

· Changed the background colour where the field is empty

· Changed the background colour for the columns to light blue


The report changes had been completed and we can now save the changes.


We can also select to save the report changes by selecting ‘Yes’ on the next warning message to import the changes into Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.



Test the new custom RDLC Report layout

The report can now be tested and made active. The changes can now be verified when selecting the function ‘Run Report’. Note that the report is still inactive and will not be available for the users.


Select Preview


I can now see all the changes that I have made to the report in the report builder BUT the changes is not yet visible on the actual documents.


Make the new Custom RDLC Report active

Once the report had been tested and all the changes are completed, the changes can be implemented. I am now back on my Report Layout Selection Page and I select Custom Layout in the field ‘Selected Layout’


The Custom Report Layouts Page opens and I can see my custom report layout. I select OKclip_image010

When the page close I can now see that my report layout is the selected layout.


When printing a Sales Invoice, the report changes will be effective in the live database.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution from Microsoft that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and has the power to support your business ambitions. Please do not hesitate to contact Technology Management for more information.

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