Copying an Item Card with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If you have several items to create you can use this functionality to create an item from an existing one.

  1. Go to an item that is similar to the one you want to copy
  2. Go onto Edit, Select
  3. Edit, copy (or Ctrl C)
  4. Create a new blank record (F3)
  5. You will get a message saying the item already exists, click on OK, you will then receive a further message – The Item could not be pasted. Change the Item and insert the record or press ESC or cancel. Click OK to this message also. This will now have copied details across.
  6. Key in you new item number
  7. Make any changes to your new item card (Costs, Posting Groups etc)

N.B this will not copy any dimensions you had set up from the item you are copying from

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