Getting to know your Windows Phone 7

If you’ve got your hands on the new Windows Phone 7, you might like this link

72 tips and tricks for Windows Phone 7

I especially like number 45) Finding the button on the on screen keyboard. I never realised the Iphone did the same until i read this article and tried it on the Iphone as well!windows phone 7 couk

Be really interested in people who have Windows Phone 7 letting hear their thoughts or experiences of it.


Virtualising SQL server

Our major ERP and CRM solutions all use SQL server as the backend database and over the last couple of year we have been big advocates about virtualising these servers and take advantages of the features this brings. However we often get asked about the performance of running SQL in a virtual environment, does it impact on the system and create bottlenecks in certain circumstances.

Well Microsoft have been doing some research and have published this through one of their blogs, with some good advice and interesting findings.

Worth a read if your considering virtualising a SQL server.

Dynamics NAV with Office & SharePoint 2010

We have received the following notification and advice from Microsoft regarding the new versions of Office and SharePoint for 2010.

As I wrote on this blog some time ago we would echo the advice to stick to the 32 bit versions of Office  – lots of add-on’s don’t work correctly with the 64 bit version yet.

Other than that there are some significant improvements – SharePoint 2010 is now truly the product we all wanted it to be so dive in.


Since Microsoft Dynamics NAV always has had a strong integration to the Office and SharePoint products, we are proud to announce that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 Update 2 are compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010!

The details in the support for the different Office and SharePoint integrations are listed below. Please note that Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 are available in both a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version, but some NAV areas are currently not supported in the 64-bit version. The recommended version of Office 2010 in combination with NAV is the 32-bit version. Further reading on the difference between the two versions can be found here:

1. Employee Portal is supported for SharePoint 2010 both in the 32 bit and the 64 bit version. However please look at KB970502 for instructions on how to install in a 64-bit environment.

2. Sending data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to both Word and Excel using the basic export is fully compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2010 and Microsoft Office Excel 2010. The same applies exporting to Excel from reports and to Export of budgets, Analysis Schedules etc.

3. Interactions such as letters can be initiated from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and stored as appropriate in Microsoft Office Word 2010 in both 32-bit and 64-bit version.

4. Sending emails from Microsoft Dynamics NAV is compatible with Outlook 2010 32-bit version, but is currently not supported for the 64 bit version.

5. Outlook Synchronization is compatible with Outlook 2010 32-bit version. The installation and the add-in is not currently supported for the 64- bit version.

6. Email logging is dependent on CDO, which is not supported in Office 2010. Please read A possible workaround has been identified by manual installing CDO in combination with KB229107, but it is recommended to stay on Office 2007 if email logging is required.

The Forecast is Cloudy

TM-Online-Services-Logo (3)

The interest that we have seen in Cloud services over the last 2 years is now turning into real business and delivering real benefits to organisations who are signing up for them. The ability for customers to be up and running in days on new systems without the traditional large investment is really attractive especially in the current economic climate. As the economy slowly recovers business are starting to look at how they can offer a better service to their customers and steal a march on the competition. Taking advantage of a new CRM (customer relationship manager) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can offer those benefits but the hurdle of financing the software and hardware to run them is still very much in place. Not just acquiring the finance in the first place but the impact a large loan can have on cash flow while the economy is still recovering is a huge concern.

Purchasing that software as a service (SAAS) removes those worries, no hardware required the software is paid for per user per month, so you only get charged for the users you need, start small then add  more people as you need them. 

We are also putting full desktops into the cloud so everything is run this way, Microsoft Office 2010, Exchange Server, Windows Server 2008, and SharePoint starting from £1 per user per day! (£30 per month) Again this is proving extremely attractive for customers especially those with 10-20 PC’s on the network.
No more server problems to worry about, Backups taken care off, accessible from any Internet connection (so you have a remote worker option next time it snows or we have another Swine Flu epidemic) No more unforeseen upgrade costs, you just get the new versions when they become available. In fact today we have signed contracts with a 25 user company to move their entire system into the cloud and move to Dynamics NAV at the same time.

If your not looking at how cloud computing can help your business and your bottom line you really should be, it is a major change in how IT is delivered but one that progressive companies are embracing and benefitting from. Feel free to contact me on if you have any questions.


Facebook Social Connector released for Outlook 2010

I blogged a few months ago about how you could link Outlook 2010 to certain social networks, LinkedIn was the first and has worked well, delivering updates, images, blog links for my Outlook contacts that use linkedin. Well today the Facebook connector for Outlook 2010 is released, it will be interesting to see if people change their Facebook style, as those details get passed direct to Outlook! It raises some interesting thoughts on how much of your private life you throw up to Facebook.

Facebook Social Connector for Outlook

Theres also a nice video of it in action if you follow the link.



Paper into Profits Event slides are now online

We had another positive morning showing SharePoint workflow at our “Paper into Profits” event. It was great to meet some new prospects at the event and to discuss how they see SharePoint assisting their business. We had a few people request the slides that were shown, I’ve embedded it here or just click on the “view on slideshare” link in the bottom right of the screen.

Paper Into Profits Events–Technology Management July 2010


Unfortunately the demos aren’t there, just the slides, but are we looking at grabbing a few of these and getting them dropped online. If and when this happens I’ll post the links.


Download the World Cup Fixtures into Outlook Calendar


With World Cup excitement starting to build, make sure you don’t miss the game’s you want to watch by getting the fixtures into your Outlook calendar.

Here’s the link and instructions to download them from the BBC site…

And don’t forget that Technology Management are showing the England group game on the 23rd June…its a 3pm kick off on a Wednesday afternoon all the details can be found here

Just noticed that all covered games are being shown on the BBC and ITV’s web sites as well…..


Turn Paper into Profits (Again)

Last time we ran the event about using Microsoft SharePoint and the Nintex visual workflow builder it was a huge success. So, to meet demand, we’re running the event again to show you how quickly you can build automated workflow to cut out all those costly bits of paperwork scattered about your business.

Until now, building automated workflow to drive smaller processes in your business was expensive and difficult. We think we’ve found a solution that’s much easier to manage and faster to mould to changing circumstances.

During the morning we’ll showcase the solution by demonstrating some typical processes in your businesses and how SharePoint – together with Nintex – can banish  tedious paperwork for good. We’re doing some great things with ADT and GKN that has put us our SharePoint skills through their paces, so you’ll have chance to ask us about that too.

Reserve your free seats for Turn Paper into Profits that runs on Thursday 1 July.

Open Licensing Explained. Honest

When ever we put a proposal in front of a customer for new Microsoft software one question soon follows, “what is the best way to licence this?” And then the fun begins. Open Licence now has 3 different approaches, and this short video is the best explanation that I have seen. Basically the options are:

  • Buy it outright with one upfront payment, add on Software Assurance to get any new releases of the software for the next 2 years
  • Spread the payment over 3 years, with Software Assurance built in for those 3 years.
  • Subscribe to the software, always on the latest version plus flexibility when adding extra users.

We have had quite a few customers take up the Spread payment option and have had great feedback, and getting their company standardised on the same software version legally and quickly is ideal. With Office 2010 now launching, maybe its worth checking out the options and get your organisation on the latest version of office.

Click on the image to fire up the video.


Office 2010 release dates announced

Microsoft has announced that the release date for Office 2010/SharePoint 2010 and Project 2010 will be May 12th 2010, this is considerably earlier than expected (late June/July) which is great news. Also if you purchase a copy of Office 2007 beforehand and register it you can get the 2010 upgrade when it ships.

For more info follow the link