Excel 2007: Wrap Text in Excel 2007

Microsoft Office Excel 2007

In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, if the text you type is too long to be displayed fully in a cell, you can easily set the text to wrap. This setting enables the cell (and the rest of the row) to expand automatically so that the content of the cell is always visible.
1. Click in the cell that you want to wrap.
2. On the Home tab, in the Alignment section, click Wrap Text.

Excel 2007: Enter a Series of Data Using Fill Series

Microsoft Office Excel 2007

1. Type the first value in the series into a cell.
2. Type the second value into a cell below or to the right of the first cell.
3. Select the cells.
4. Drag the Fill Handle (a black square that appears at the bottom right corner of the last selected cell) over the cells into which you want to extend the series.

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Outlook 2007: Gain Greater Control over Your Out-of-Office Message

Use the “Out-of-Office” message effectlively.

image If you use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, you have the increased capability to set distinct out-of-office messages and to schedule the time period when you want your messages to be sent. You retain greater control over the type of information your contacts receive, helping to ensure that it’s relevant and appropriate to their needs.

1. To open Out of Office Assistant, click Tools, and then click Out of Office Assistant.

2. Explore the options. You can set the date range and time frame, and set one message for people inside your organization and a separate one for people outside your organization.

Note: Your organization must be using Exchange Server 2007 for you to see these options.

Word 2007: Save and Reuse Tables

Quick Tip: How to save a table design as a “Quick Table”

Microsoft Office Word 2007 Do you frequently create the same type of complex table, such as a financial table or tables to use for custom page layouts? If so, you can easily save that table for easy insertion into any document. Just select a completed example of your table and save it to the Quick Tables gallery. Here’s how:

Select the table and press ALT+F3 to open the Create New Building Block dialog box. Type a name for your table, and then in the Gallery list, click Tables. You can set other options as well, such as choosing or creating a category for your table, which will affect where in the Quick Tables gallery it appears.

You can also choose an available template in which to store the table. But if you retain the default Save in location, Building Blocks.dotx, your table will be available for you to use in any document. To access your saved table, on the Insert tab, click Table, and then point to Quick Tables.