Add Current Windows User to a NAV Database

With our proliferation of development databases for our Dynamics Additions products, creating a Microsoft Dynamics NAV user for the current Windows user is something that I do relatively frequently.

Combining as it does my twin passions for NAV and PowerShell I thought it was worth a quick post.

Import-Module ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\100\Service\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Management.psm1’

New-NavServerUser [ServerInstance] -WindowsAccount (whoami)
New-NavServerUserPermissionSet [ServerInstance] -WindowsAccount (whoami) -PermissionSetId SUPER

This will create a new Windows authenticated user in the database for the current Windows user and assign the SUPER permission set to them.

Replace [ServerInstance] with the name of a NAV server connected to the relevant database. The path in the Import-Module line is the default location for the management module for NAV 2017. Replace with the correct path for your installation if it is different.

Using the VAR tick on your function parameters

Greetings world.

Today, I came across a small feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV which I had forgotten, and decided to share with the dev team over here at Technology Management.

The result of that, is the below sway presentation, which I thought you, the Dynamics NAV loving public might enjoy, though it’s a slightly different format to the norm. Do consider hitting the ‘full screen’ button if the layout is a tad cramped

When your customers work late, who’s there to take the order?

We all aim to use sophisticated technology, try to remain flexible and responsive, source the best components – but parts of the B2B industry are still missing a trick…

In a world where business practices are only getting more complex and your customers expect 24/7 service, now is the time to make managing changing customer behaviours simpler – for you and them.

Enable your customers to place orders in their own time. Online sales are cost effective, practically self-managing and will save your sales team a lot of stress. And if we are to learn from the omni-channel selling of the B2C community, upgrading your online presence today to serve more of your customers’ needs will pay off almost immediately.

Just one system has to take the lead in your eCommerce journey, and that’s your ERP. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV in place, you have the operational efficiency to excel with online sales. It’s just one small step to eCommerce and all its potential business benefits.

Our eCommerce solution is built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Seamlessly linking your stock, product, discounts, promotions, and customer information for real-time integration between Dynamics NAV and your online store. Dynamics Additions eCommerce is your short cut to increased revenue and reduced administration.

Online access can transform B2B commerce. Your customers will see you as more responsive, get access to your products from wherever they are and be able to carry on their working day without the bottom-line impact on yours.

And remember, happy customers are far more likely to remain customers. In fact, its reported time and time again that customer satisfaction directly impacts business bottom line for the better. Therefore, making all of your systems easy and accessible for every type of customer can only be a good thing.

To find out more watch these quick videos, or visit

Reasons to change your business systems in the Consumer Goods Industry

CPG intro slide


Demands on Consumer Goodsmanufacturers and distributors are getting ever higher. Customer expectations are going through the roof – with faster turnaround times, more accurate information, ever shorter product cycles and constant innovation becoming almost a pre-requisite for survival. In dealing with both the major retailers and the independents, your operations need to be slick and efficient.

In this series of blogs and videos, I am going to look at some of the challenges facing this industry and how an integrated Microsoft Dynamics business software solution, designed specifically for the Consumer Goods sector, can help enhance your business processes to improve:

  • productivity – and enable growth in turnover without a corresponding increase in headcount
  • reliability – to improve consistency and stop costly mistakes
  • understanding and decision making – by getting access to reliable information in time to make a difference
  • risk management – by reducing vulnerability to specific people or events
  • customer service – by improving your customer service levels without adding significant cost
  • future proofing – by making sure your systems are fit for purpose today and into the future
  • staff engagement – to help you attract and retain scarce skills and experience

Today I am looking at how too many companies in the Consumer Goods sector are relying on Excel spreadsheets to manage their business processes. Most businesses have already driven up productivity on the shop floor, now it’s time to focus on continuous improvement in the order processing, sales, marketing customer service and finance teams.

Drive up productivity with information for all

With a single, integrated solution you should only have to enter information once – and then it’s instantly available to all who need it, to action correctly, for the right customer, at the right time.

Workarounds in Excel spreadsheets hold information on specific customer demands for order fulfilment, record special pricing or promotions, to track both consumer and retailer complaints or queries – which relies heavily on your staff to know what to do with that information to action it accordingly.

When working in Excel your staff need the experience of dealing with your customers and your specific ways of operating to action and process any information – making it difficult for new staff to get up and running and more importantly, to be productive. Modern integrated solutions proactively drive your business processes and prompt your staff through each step in the process. Newer/more junior staff can then deal with the everyday tasks freeing up your more seasoned and accomplished individuals to focus on the more unusual or strategically important retailer demands.

And with all your information in one place, you free up all your staff from having to double check with their colleagues that they have the most up-to-date spreadsheet and information.

Having a defined process for resolution for everything from a price query to a quality issue also means disputes get resolved quicker, the customer ends up more impressed because you handled it so well and you get paid quicker – that's a win-win all round.

Effective business processes to compete in the global Consumer Goods industry 

I know re-engineering your business processes and IT systems is not easy.  Every day, I help our customers implement new ways of working and I am well aware of the pain and effort it requires. But what is the alternative?

Can you really continue to grow and efficiently scale your operations by working in the same way that you work right now? If you don’t have efficient business processes how can you hope to compete in an increasingly global market?

Don’t you need to start now on that strategic process of getting your internal processes fit for purpose before it’s too late?

Watch now for more information

No more hand me down training

ERP is a big investment, of resources such as time and money, which will pay dividends in terms of the information it can provide to empower your business. But, your business is not one entity, it’s made up of individuals, individuals who need to be shown how to get the best from that ERP system.

If employees only know how to do their main job function within the system then you are limiting how they can use it, limiting their creativity in doing things better and ultimately limiting the return you will get on your investment. When your project went live, most likely you had a core team that were involved from the start and then training was cascaded down to everyone else. But what about new employees arriving after the project completed? Who trained them? How many times has the original knowledge been handed down? Do you know that important things are not being lost along the grapevine? And just like a rushed telephone message, how do you know that the right information has been passed on?

We are here to help. NAV Learning is our specific training solution designed to help you get more from your investment. NAV Learning is intended to complement our free customer training such as our workshops and webinars, by giving your staff the chance of dedicated training in a purpose-built environment with a professional trainer. Trainees will even leave with a 100-page reference manual to support their work in the future. For example, we offer a course introducing Dynamics NAV to new or early users, this non-role specific course specifically aims to give users a holistic view of the ERP system, to build a user’s confidence to find answers and empower them to go further by working with the system. Similarly, our courses such as Jet Professional contain a large number of practical examples for you to work through, so you really get hands on with the subject matter.

Our courses are not just aimed at beginners, we have had customers send employees that had been using NAV for months, who found the training extremely useful as it filled in their knowledge gaps and helped them with best practice to help prevent avoidable errors.

The question is, can your company afford not to do this?

Have a look through our current NAV Learning courses at and our YouTube playlists such as or

Wasting time on complex, manual processes for EDI & eCommerce?

CPG intro slide

Meeting demands for EDI and online ordering…

One of the challenges facing the Consumer Goods industry is time consuming, complex, manual processes for EDI and eCommerce. You need to provide a quick turnaround, whilst also making it easy for your retailers to place an order through every touchpoint.  

Your retailer base is under pressure from increasing customer demands, so when the retailers place their orders with you, they expect to get supply by tomorrow, if not sooner. And as more and more retailers sell through multiple channels, manufacturers are needing to be equipped to process online orders and EDI messages to remain a preferred supplier.    

Due to the competitive nature of the Consumer Goods sector, the public now expect to be able to place orders at a time that’s convenient for them. And that convenience is starting to ripple all the way through to manufacturers, as retailers in turn want to place orders in the evenings and late at night, not just during business opening hours when they are likely to be busy themselves.

This can make keeping on top of your customer service trickier. If a retailer calls you, you need to have their information and their status at your fingertips. You need to be aware of their outstanding orders and which products they typically purchase from you, as well as being able to suggest changes that are beneficial to both you and them.

All these factors point to one thing; needing accurate information at your fingertips.

Having good systems in place means you don’t have to waste time hunting around, looking for the information you need.

Get the right answers, at the right time, all from one system. You need to be able to find the relevant information for a customer, and subsequently, update that information when you agree anything with that customer and that information then needs to be immediately reflected so everybody in your organisation knows about it.

That’s where Dynamics Consumer Goods comes in. It improves customer responsiveness with its integrated Customer Service Desk, so you can take orders over the phone or resolve queries easily. It can help you drive down the cost of EDI with major retailers, wholesalers and suppliers by reducing your transaction costs and improving order accuracy. It can help to drive up sales and remove the need for re-keying data and improving order accuracy. It also enables you to extend your trading hours and be seen as more responsive to your customers’ demands as it allows customers to place orders outside normal working hours.

For more information on getting your internal processes fit for purpose, watch our video.

On-demand account information for your customers

Your finance team will spend a lot of their time, probably more than they would care to admit, dealing with simple customer questions about account information. From outstanding invoices and orders to returns – this isn’t a great use of time for either your staff or your customers.

Give yourselves a break!

Save your customer from having to call or email and keep your staff focused on their day to day tasks by using our simple solution, My Account Portal. Born as part of our Dynamics Additions range, the portal is simple – it gives the power back to your customer.

Customers can log in using their unique login information and see instantly, anytime, their account balances, processing orders and credit notes.  They can even request returns, query an invoice and make online payments…

The flexibility for you and your customers from this Dynamics Addition can genuinely help to take some of the strain off your shoulders. My Account Portal can free up time to focus on your business objectives, whilst increasing customer satisfaction by sharing the tools customers need to work with you more effectively.

Fancy seeing it in action? Pop on to YouTube and watch it step by step… 

Don’t leave your reporting in the dark…

Your organisation will use specific business logic; all good businesses do. And it’s that logic that is the backbone of your processes, systems and most importantly – data and reporting.

Getting your business processes right is a top priority – but adding to the already endless list of tasks your processors, finance managers and sales people have to do is a big ask.

Adding in new data to Dynamics NAV dimensions is necessary and for someone who is creating new accounts or managing staff, this could be an everyday occurrence – but did you know that this doesn’t automatically post back in to your Dimensions Values?

That could mean all the documents your team are posting will not get picked up in your reporting correctly – throwing off the information you use to run your business.

In standard Dynamics NAV no notification or prompt will pop up when your team are creating a master data record telling them to add in the associated dimension value – and this will leave you in a pickle…

That’s why we have developed Dynamics Additions Default Dimensions. This simple add on will remove the risk of documents being posted with missing dimensions; saving you time and helping avoid disaster later when analysing and reporting on your company performance. It works through the automatic creation of dimension values when you add new master data – and it will even associate those values with that master data.

This really is an important, cost effective way to ensure your vital data is being posted correctly. Don’t leave your reporting in the dark…

Find out more at

Quick, secure, automatic – the easy way to process online payments

Processing payments online can be a data protection nightmare… but not if you use Payment Gateway.

Created to quickly take online card payments through the most popular payment providers like SagePay, WorldPay and PayPal, Payment Gateway, from our Dynamics Additions range, keeps your customers safe and secure. This Addition stores NO card details in your Dynamics NAV software and prevents the need for additional data protection.

You can use this Payment Gateway as your default payment method, or let your customers choose when they go to process their orders… and you can also use this system to enforce payment before an order can be released to your warehouse.

Payment gateway is linked seamlessly with Dynamics NAV, and all payments are matched up and applied against the Posted Invoices.

Make your customers lives easier and keep things responsive!

Connected – driving advantage through a connected business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV


On Tuesday 18th October 2016 we will be hosting our annual Customer Day at the Jaguar Experience Centre, Birmingham. 

Our CONNECTED – Driving advantage through a connected business customer briefing is your opportunity to explore how your core business systems can work closer together to help your business work smarter and faster.

We know your customers and suppliers want a consistent service and they need you to be easy to interact with. That means getting things right first time. This year our Directors, James Crowter and Matthew Woodhouse will guide you through an extended session on Dynamics NAV and how it can be optimised to deliver the world class service your organisation needs.

Want to join in? Sign up at: