A supported version of Visual Studio cannot be found (NAV 2013)

We all love NAV right?? Well my patience with it was stretched to breaking point over the last day or so.

One of our customers has upgraded their hardware but didn't want to upgrade NAV from 2013. In itself this is strange, be we cant force people to upgrade can we ?!? Anyhow, having performed the database migration to the shiny new, superfast server, they trashed their original server. All good so far and no issues for the users, as close to a seamless go live as possible, all were happy, until……we logged on to perform a simple report change.

To my horror we got the error stating "a supported version of Visual Studio could not be found"… Visual Studio was not installed, they did not own a copy of VS and were not prepared to pay for one. The battle commenced….Many hours of "fun" later…. We have a NAV2013 install that can design reports…

In summary this MSDN page led me to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which allowed me to install the required software

  • Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
  • Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Integrated)

This cured the initial error message but then presented me with a new one.

The Application Data for Visual Studio could not be created. (ARGHHH!!!)

To resolve this you have to manually create a folder (yes in this day an age you have to manually create a folder!!!)

Having manually created the folder (with no content) C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0

We can then design a report layout in NAV 2013….. simples!

Hope this helps someone….

(Big shout out to Claus Lundstrom's blog and Stack Overflow for this)


Improving traceability, insight & control with a single business software solution for the food industry at Marcantonio Foods & Caterlink

The need for a single, comprehensive ERP solution for both Caterlink and Marcantonio Foods came as a result of their merger under the international ORKLA group.

Multi-site cooperation was now vital for the two companies and their existing disparate systems were causing a major headache for both parties – traceability and forecasting tasks were virtually impossible.

To work together to grow and expand their operations, more insight and control over processes and reporting possibilities were essential.

Caterlink and Marcantonio Foods turned to Technology Management and subsequently implemented Dynamics Food (Microsoft Dynamics NAV tailored specifically for food industry) – successfully joining up their sites and systems, giving the flexibility they needed to grow.

Working with Technology Management was very easy. They helped us all the way”, Falak Waheed, IT Manager at Marcantonio & Caterlink

Caterlink and Marcantnio Foods are now able to:

  • produce management reports very quickly
  • identify trends and improve customer service
  • increase flexibility between companies in the group to support and manufacture products almost on a just-in-time principle
  • streamline traceability across the organisation

Watch the full story at here…

Object comparison / analysis. Grrrrrrr

I am sure that by now we are well aware of the new tools (available through PowerShell) that have been added to a NAV developers arsenal.  However, when it comes to trying to find where a field is used, or a function is referenced…The only word that springs to my mind is "arghhhhh!!!!" Lets face it, these things are traditionally painful and as close to manual labour as a white collar worker can get!

Here at Technology Management we have tried many solutions to resolve this age old problem.

  • The manual export to text and search in notepad method (not fun!).
  • Software that resides with NAV itself such as "Object Manager Advanced".
  • Software external to NAV such as TFS, Merge Tool and many others besides.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not in any way shape or form criticising any of these products, as, in their own right, they are great bits of kit! But, having tried them all, for one reason or another they have all fell by the wayside.

One piece of software that we have been using for a while, (me only recently) and seems to have received very positive feedback from colleagues is "Statistical – Prism". Now lets be clear I'm not saying it's better than any of the other software mentioned above. We are not reselling it or any such thing like that. I 'm just saying, that from my experience its proved its worth on several occasions.

In terms of usability its so simple. 

  1. Export your objects as text 
  2. Open Prism 
  3. Point it at the file
  4. Search for stuff

Within 30 seconds you can see a full list all objects


Expand the list and see the objects within the object type


Select the reference you are looking for and away you go.

This bit, that's the life saver from my point of view, is the simplicity of finding where things are used within the database. In the example below I previously created a function called CalcFreeStock. This is a function on the Item Table, I know its used in other places but I have no idea where. All we do is right click the function


then left click "Find Usages". Prism scampers off and returns a list of all references to this function.


I believe its beautiful in its simplicity, amazing in terms of the time saved, and shocked to see how much it improved the quality of work.

All I can say I have used this extensively over the last few weeks and its saved me hours of manual searching. That cant be a bad thing can it?




The Mud-witch: A Short Story Collaboration with Office 365

Office 365 is an easy way to add more power to the everyday tools you rely on.

In a recent collaboration, author Zoe Gilbert and Illustrator Isabel Greenberg came together using the power of Office 365 to create a new short story, The Mud-Witch.

With Office 365, the pair had no need for face to face meetings or expensive travel. Using Skype for business, SharePoint and up to the second file sharing both author and illustrator had everything they needed at their fingertips – and on any device!

Watch the video!

With Office 365 you can:

  • keep everyone in sync with top-class email and shared calendars they can access at their desk or on the go
  • connect immediately and host online meetings with multi-party HD video conferencing, real-time note taking and screen sharing
  • collaborate with teammates, partners, and customers with documents that are always up to date and accessible from almost anywhere
  • stay productive and never miss a meeting, even on the go. Access, edit, and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on iPhones, Android phones, and Windows Phones. Use the OneNote, OWA (Outlook Web Access), Skype for Business Mobile, and SharePoint Newsfeed apps on most devices

Find out more at https://www.tecman.co.uk/Software/Applications/Office-365

Dynamics NAV data Upgrade times taking too long?

Normally a job for one of our developers, James has stepped up to the plate this weekend to oversee an upgrade from Dynamics NAV 2009 to NAV 2016.

In doing so, he has learned a valuable lesson – read more at http://www.dynamicsbusiness.co.uk/2015/12/dynamics-nav-data-upgrade-times-taking-too-long.html


Our customer, World Animal Protection, have been recognised by Microsoft for Outstanding Business Achievements

World Animal Protection was recognised by Microsoft® with the 2015 Small or Medium Business Award as part of the Microsoft Visionary Awards program. The 2015 Visionary Awards, which are presented in 10 categories, recognise and celebrate Microsoft customers that have achieved notable accomplishments using their Microsoft solutions.

World Animal Protection are a valued charity who work both in the UK and throughout the globe to campaign against, and prevent cruelty, to animals. Their important work is dependent on the international coordination of their funding, people, vets, governments and educational assets. To continue to provide effective support, treatment and work within local communities, World Animal Protection turned to Microsoft. The complete solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM and Office 365 has enabled the charity to work in the most cost effective way.

A single worldwide installation of Dynamics NAV enables World Animal Protection to streamline reporting and compare performance across their operations. Dynamics CRM is used across their 14 international offices to manage all press communications, corporate sponsorships and engagements as well as monitor social media discussions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their blogs. Solutions such as Skype for Business, SharePoint and OneDrive, delivered as part of Office 365, enable staff to work collaboratively, globally.

We are thrilled World Animal Protection have received this award, which was presented to them on the opening day at this year’s Convergence conference; it’s a testament to the great work they do 365 days of the year.

  20150229 Technology Management - Convergence 2015 EMEA Winners Poster Small

World Animal Protection are set to demonstrate their real-world transformations with Dynamics…

On 30th November to 2nd December in sunny Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft are hosting an event to demonstrate to the business shapers and leaders of today the tools needed to help organisations succeed in the marketplace of the future.

Able to experience how organisations like yours are putting technology and services to work in order to achieve growth, solve problems, and create new business opportunities, Convergence promises to be a conference to remember… and our valued customer World Animal Protection will be front and center.

Every day, in every country, millions of animals are suffering. With projects around the globe, World Animal Protection helps end the needless suffering of animals, influences decision makers to put animals on the global agenda, helps the world see how important animals are, and inspires people to change animals’ lives for the better. The Microsoft Dynamics solution, including Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM and Office 365, helps World Animal Protection achieve their mission by enabling collaboration, increasing efficiency and eliminating bureaucracy. This allows the team at World Animal protection to spend more time in the field to drive real impact and help protect the world’s animals…

See a sneaky preview of the story at http://bit.ly/1WTSmlu

Microsoft Most Valued Professional at the Helm of Wolverhampton Firm

Our MD James Crowter has achieved Microsoft Most Valued Professional status for the UK and we couldn't be more proud!

MVPs (Most Valued Professionals) reside in more than 90 countries, represent over 30 different languages and cover nearly 90 Microsoft technologies so James’s award for his work in the field is a significant achievement.  Individuals receiving the MVP award do not work for Microsoft nor do they represent the company or any other company with whom they work.  Microsoft MVP's are independent people that are chosen based upon their accomplishments within technical communities. 

Years of dedication and knowledge sharing in the technical community have led James to this appointment… and long may it continue!

To see the full story visit http://bit.ly/20weFC9 

Technology Management customer, Bounce Europe, are spreading the word about Dynamics NAV 2016

Kicking off on Tuesday 10th November at the London ExCel arena, Microsoft’s Business Day at Future Decoded Expo is set out to be bigger, bolder and better than ever before.

There will be presentations from Partners and Microsoft Product Groups and even customer stories – you will be able to hear directly from peers and their business transformations…

Including one of our customers, Bounce Europe!

Bounce Europe have grown 60% in the last year and expect that trend to continue.  Bounce have won contracts to supply both Tesco and Boots, who are the UK’s largest grocery and pharmacy chains respectively and this will more than double the retail outlets their products are currently available in.

Bounce Europe have been on board with Dynamics NAV for many years. They have been a part of the Microsoft Dynamics TAP Program with us at Technology Management and were one of the first companies to upgrade to NAV 2015 last year and this year were first in line for the NAV 2016 update!

Bounce Europe’s COO Gary Smith will be talking about their experience with Dynamics NAV 2016, Dynamics CRM and Office 365 and how the changing technology supports them in their growth…

For a little taster watch… http://bit.ly/1PCSdDG

Technology Management: You Get Out What You Put In

We are thrilled to announce that we have been named, not only as members of the 2015 Microsoft Presidents Club for Microsoft Dynamics but also as finalists in the Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner Awards 2015!

The Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner Awards recognise partners who have delivered outstanding business performance by providing valuable solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Each year, three companies in each area of the world make the cut, one overall winner and two finalists; chosen for their commitment and dedication to solving complex customer business issues with Microsoft Dynamics.

Out of three UK companies to be nominated for this award, Technology Management was the only Dynamics NAV partner.

To have been awarded Presidents Club for Microsoft Dynamics and be a finalist for the Dynamics Regional Partner Awards 2015 has been a delight for all of us at Technology management. We are thrilled to have been recognised for performing well across the board; from sales, to technological expertise, right through to our commitment to customers and growth.

Neil Holloway, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Business Solutions Sales & Partners explained, “Each year we recognise and honour partners for exemplary performance. Microsoft is honoured to recognise Technology Management for their achievements over the past year and for their dedication and support of Microsoft Dynamics applications.”