Can Midlands businesses cut their stocks levels by 30%?

Last month I spoke with one of our customers about how Microsoft Dynamics NAV helped them cut their stock holdings from £1.2M to just over £800k in a matter of weeks. While their suppliers weren’t too happy about it, Technology Management’s client saw a profit bonanza that quickly helped pay for their new stock control system.

The story isn’t rare (though I admit we’re not always good at spreading such stories)….which is why we’ve decided to run some events in February that will share with attendees how Midlands business can – and are – be cutting their stock by 10, 20, even 30%. We’ll be using Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an example of how good software can facilitate this saving. A saving I’m sure many businesses will be keen to see this year.

Cut Stock, Boost Profit is free to attend at venues across the West Midlands in February.

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