Businesses Turn Out to See SharePoint Turn Paper into Profits


Another week and another educational event at Technology Management – plus a chance for me to finally say ‘hello’ to people I’ve been in contact electronically for some time.

Today was the turn of Liam’s technical team to present an impressive demonstration of how Microsoft SharePoint can be used to automate all kinds of money-saving workflow into your business.

Of course there’s always room for improvement with our presentations, but overall the audience liked what we had to share and I think our hard work paid off. Comments from delegates included:

“We are already exploring how SharePoint can help our organisation. Today just makes us want to do it quicker”

“Tecman impressed today”

“The example workflow was great”

Thanks to all of you who made time out of your busy schedule.

Winners of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional

Congratulations to Nick Ward and Mark Hunter who will each receive a copy of Microsoft Office. I’ve just missed the postman as I type this, so rest assured they’ll be winging their way in tomorrow’s post before my colleagues pinch them!

Did you miss the event?

We had lots more people that wanted to make today that unfortunately got caught up with work. Over the coming weeks we’ll try to catch up with each of you and see if a one-to-one meeting will help. Failing that, we’ll be looking to run a similar event in June/July time. I’ll post more information when we’ve decided the format.

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