Bing, Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5

I have been using Bing for sometime now as my default search engine, I’m one of those folks that like the fantastic images and loved the map apps. For me the user experience and user interface is important, I like technology that looks cool as well as doing what its meant to. So I was really impressed when I watched the following video of Bing running on the beta version of Internet Explorer 9 using HTML5. The video is short but really shows you the rich experience we are starting to get on the web, without the need for plugins like flash or Silverlight. Its great to see Microsoft innovating again and they really seem on a roll with Windows 7, Office 2010/SharePoint 2010, Bing and Windows Phone 7 is getting great reviews (even Stephen Fry the Apple fanatic endorsed it this week)

Anyway enjoy the video….

Bing/IE9 and HTML 5

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