Pension Auto-Enrolment………What’s it all about? & How does it effect you?

Although new duties come in from 1 October 2012, individual employers’ own duties will be introduced gradually over the following years and will be based on the size of the employer, typically by PAYE size.

The following is a table showing the staging dates for employers with 3,000 or more employees.  The Government is revising the staging dates for employers with less than 3,000 employees and further information will appear here early in 2012.

Employer (by PAYE  scheme size)

Staging Date

120,000 or more

1 October 2012

50,000 to 119,999

1 November 2012

30,000 to 49,999

1 January 2013

20,000 to 29,999

1 February 2013

10,000 to 19,999

1 March 2013

6,000 to 9,999

1 April 2013

4,100 to 5,999

1 May 2013

4,000 to 4,099

1 June 2013

3,000 to 3,999

1 July 2013


There will be a three month waiting period before employers are required to enrol workers into their designated scheme. During this period, workers can choose to opt in to start saving straight away.

The largest employers who are due to auto-enrol between 1 October 2012 and 1 November 2012 will be allowed to start auto-enrolment from as early as July 2012 to avoid the Christmas period.

Employers will be given the flexibility to re-enrol workers three months either side of their automatic re-enrolment date.

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