Exporting to Excel – Microsoft Dynamics Nav Tip – Version 5 onwards

There are certain invalid characters that will not export to excel


: \ / ? * [ or ] 


If you have created a G/L, Customer, Vendor or Bank Account Name that includes one of the above characters then go into Ledger Entries and Export to Excel you will get an error relating to the Workbook Setting.


You will need to rename the G/L Name code and ensure it does not include one the above characters.


Entering Dates – Microsoft Dynamics Nav Tip

In a date field you can just type in t – this will bring up today’s date when you come off that field.

Please note that if you have changed your work date and you type t, today’s date will still appear.  (t uses the system date for the computer).  The shortcut for the work date is w.  To change the Work date you click on Tools, Work Date. 

You can also enter dates with or without separators.  There is no need to type in  '/' or '-'  between days/months/years.

For Example:

·         If you enter two digits, Navision reads this as the date; it will add the month and year of the work date.

·         If you enter four digits, Navision reads this as the day and the month, it will add the year of the work date.



Recurring Journals Tip – Microsoft Dynamics Nav Tip

In Recurring Journals if you have a line set up where there is no value to post this month and you attempt to post you will receive the following error:

Amount must not be 0 in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name = ‘RECURRING’, Journal Batch Name = (name of your journal batch), Line No = (Line No. where you have the zero amount)

To get round this you do not need to delete the line you can filter out the zero line as follows:

Under the Amount column apply a Field Filter (F7), enter a filter saying not equal to Zero <>0 then OK

This will allow you to post the journal, when posted the Posting Date of the line that was zero (that was filtered out) will not have moved onto the next month.  Just amend this manually.