Using Power BI Dashboards in Dynamics 365

In this video we talk you through how to use the Dashboards that are created as part of the free content packs available from AppSource (called Sales Analytics for Dynamics 365 and Customer Service Analytics for Dynamics 365) in Dynamics 365 as your own Dashboard or make this available for others.

This allows sales managers to get insights into their accounts, sales and opportunities. Details are given on sales performance, sales pipeline and activities. Sales performance can be tracked through metrics such as won revenue, average deal size, win rate, lead conversion rate and much more. Customer service managers can get valuable insights about the business in terms of customer service performance, activities and active cases. Metrics are provided out of the box to track service performance via resolved cases count, average handling times, % of escalated cases, CSAT scores and much more.

Even more excitingly a hybrid dashboard can be created, using the elements (Tiles) from each Dashboard that are most relevant to the person you are creating the dashboard for, you can mix and match tiles from different Power BI Dashboards along with Views from Dynamics 365 to give a truly bespoke dashboard with job role-specific information. This means that Power BI can be used by companies to manage the information views that managers in particular need, with possible cost reductions in licencing, as they may get everything they need from the Dashboard or Report in Power BI and so not actually need a Dynamics 365 licence or NAV licence.

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The Power of JET – Fast, Flexible, Custom Reporting Inside Excel

Our Dynamics Learning course – Using Jet Professional – is a one day, hands on course that will equip you to create your own tailored reports.

It’s a chance to explore all the options this great reporting tool has, from the four basic functions NL, NF, GL and NP, through to all the visual tools that are available to speed things up, all mixed in with plenty of tips and tricks for the software. We will guide you from starting up the software right the way through to the final stage of scheduling your reports for distribution via email.

Our course is the full package. A full day's learning supported by a 100-page training manual, (so you don’t need to worry about making notes on the day), a video playlist to watch back and over 50 example reports to take away. So you will be fully equipped to put things into practice as soon as you get back to your desk! 

All delivered in our dedicated training facility, in our demonstration environment, working with the latest versions of both Jet and Microsoft Dynamics NAV – with the support of our in-house professional trainer.

Find out if our course is for you at

Do you Excel?

Or are you just getting by with the world’s most popular Business Intelligence tool, Microsoft Excel, and maybe fancy enhancing your knowledge?

Did you know you can do this for free, using materials present by Microsoft’s own people?

Well has just this, EDX is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) but don’t left the daft label put you off, the content is serious. Basically, this is an online collection of courses from different sources, founded by Harvard and MIT, so it’s got some substance to it.

The courses are offered by a range of providers, one of which is Microsoft. This is not just any old trainer, these are often the product managers at Microsoft, so again, it’s the real deal. There is even a full program in Data Science (Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science) that can be followed that includes modules on Excel and Power BI which are relevant to most business users.

All of the courses are free to ‘audit’, you can use the learning resources and take the tests but if you wish to get a certificate for your efforts then you need to pay a fee. Of course, some people struggle to find the time to do this kind of self-paced on line study and many prefer working with someone face to face, if that’s the case then why not check out our Dynamics Learning courses for Excel or Power BI, and I’ll see you soon!

No more hand me down training

ERP is a big investment, of resources such as time and money, which will pay dividends in terms of the information it can provide to empower your business. But, your business is not one entity, it’s made up of individuals, individuals who need to be shown how to get the best from that ERP system.

If employees only know how to do their main job function within the system then you are limiting how they can use it, limiting their creativity in doing things better and ultimately limiting the return you will get on your investment. When your project went live, most likely you had a core team that were involved from the start and then training was cascaded down to everyone else. But what about new employees arriving after the project completed? Who trained them? How many times has the original knowledge been handed down? Do you know that important things are not being lost along the grapevine? And just like a rushed telephone message, how do you know that the right information has been passed on?

We are here to help. NAV Learning is our specific training solution designed to help you get more from your investment. NAV Learning is intended to complement our free customer training such as our workshops and webinars, by giving your staff the chance of dedicated training in a purpose-built environment with a professional trainer. Trainees will even leave with a 100-page reference manual to support their work in the future. For example, we offer a course introducing Dynamics NAV to new or early users, this non-role specific course specifically aims to give users a holistic view of the ERP system, to build a user’s confidence to find answers and empower them to go further by working with the system. Similarly, our courses such as Jet Professional contain a large number of practical examples for you to work through, so you really get hands on with the subject matter.

Our courses are not just aimed at beginners, we have had customers send employees that had been using NAV for months, who found the training extremely useful as it filled in their knowledge gaps and helped them with best practice to help prevent avoidable errors.

The question is, can your company afford not to do this?

Have a look through our current NAV Learning courses at and our YouTube playlists such as or