Ad-hoc Charts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Business intelligence is an area that has received quite a lot of love from Microsoft for the 2013 release of NAV. A cool new feature in 2013 is the ability to show list pages as charts.


Hit the “Show as Chart” button at the top of the page. You can set a dimension for the x axis in the bottom right hand corner and the measure to show on the y axis in the top left hand corner.

You can choose any numeric field from the source table of the page as the y axis measure, including flow fields. You can also select more than one measure to show on the chart.

Below is an example from the customer list page. I’ve selected Customer Posting Group for the x axis and Sales (LCY) and Profit (LCY) to show on the y axis.


You can apply filters and flow filters (referred to as “Limit totals” these days) and the chart will be updated automatically. For example, several master tables, including the Customer table, have a Date Filter field. I can enter a date range to filter my sales and profit data by.

You’ll notice the “<Select a dimension>” label in the bottom left hand corner. You can choose another dimension to show on the z axis to create a 3D chart (showing one measure).

Below is an example of a chart based on the Item Ledger Entries page. I’m showing the sum of the item ledger quantities by Item No. and Location Code. You can wave the mouse over any of the columns to show the totals that the column is based on. Left click to drag the chart around and change the perspective.


Right clicking on the chart gives you a "Customise” option. Each measure included in the report is shown in a list along with the aggregation type, the column type and the corresponding caption.

By default, the Sum of each measure is shown but this can be changed to None, Count, Min, Max or Average.

The default chart type is “Column” (a bar chart), but there are a number of different options that this can be changed to. Below is an example of a pie chart based on the customer ledger entries page, showing Remaining Amt. (LCY) by Customer No.


When you’re happy with the design, charts can be saved as an image or printed straight from NAV.

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