Accurate landed costs calculations

Studying and understanding the true cost of the product you are buying or selling means keeping a very close eye on import taxes. Nobody wants to go through the trouble of importing to then find out you spent more than you can sell it for…

That’s why we have designed Dynamics Additions Landed Costs. Our new Addition is part of a collection of software add-ons which will enhance your use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV without the need for costly, bespoke development.

Dynamics Additions Landed Costs allows you to calculate expected costs and automatically accrue for them during the goods journey, correctly reflecting them in your Dynamics NAV cash flow projections.

Designed to create financial accruals so your finance team have visibility of expected costs and assign further costs to the item so the item card reflects the true cost. In essence, this can hugely simplify the process of imports…

Check out Dynamics Additions Landed Costs and our range of new Additions at or get in touch.

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