Account Type Default Dimensions

Dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are pretty useful. They allow you to apply labels to each of your transactions before you post them. Once the document or journal line has been posted, all of the ledger entries that are created will be labelled with those dimension values. Then there are various tools within NAV to analyse your posted transactions by dimensions.


Not so great though if you forget to post the transaction with the correct dimensions in the first place. You can, of course, set rules that certain customers, items, vendors and other tables should always be posted with certain dimensions, but when creating a new record it is easy to forget to complete the dimension setup at the same time.

Enter “Account Type Default Dimensions”. This allows you to specify that all records of a certain table should be posted with certain dimensions.

From the Dimensions list go to Related Information, Account Type Default Dim.


Choose the table that you want to create the rule for from the list.

If all records of that table should be posted with the same dimension value you can enter it in the Dimension Value column and choose Same Code in the Value Posting column.

It is more likely that you just want to ensure that the record is posted with a dimension value, not necessarily the same one each time. In this case, you can leave Dimension Value blank and enter Code Mandatory in the Value Posting column.

In my example, I have created a rule that customer entries should always be posted with a value for the CUSTOMERGROUP dimension. This will prevent sales orders and other sales transactions from being posted without one, even if there are no rules set up for that specific customer.

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