A Useful Christmas Present from Technology Management


Here’s a present for you that I’m sure will last much longer than that pair of socks you got from your Auntie Doris….

If your job involves changing your business system sometime in the future then our new  33-page System Planning Guide should help.

It discuss all those tricky issues that most software resellers tend to shirk away from. Like the messy business of managing people during a time of change; or the mind numbing process of choosing a supplier after the millionth product demo.

If you’re lower in the food chain and recognise your system’s holding you back but no one’s listening then it also discusses how to influence the board room decision.

So no irritating and impersonal email Christmas card  from us. No cheap bottle of wine that you wouldn’t even use to unblock your sink with. Instead, here’s your blueprint to making sure you get the business system that catapults your company forward and puts a great big tick on your CV.

Have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Click to access your System Planning Guide now.

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