A supported version of Visual Studio cannot be found (NAV 2013)

We all love NAV right?? Well my patience with it was stretched to breaking point over the last day or so.

One of our customers has upgraded their hardware but didn't want to upgrade NAV from 2013. In itself this is strange, be we cant force people to upgrade can we ?!? Anyhow, having performed the database migration to the shiny new, superfast server, they trashed their original server. All good so far and no issues for the users, as close to a seamless go live as possible, all were happy, until……we logged on to perform a simple report change.

To my horror we got the error stating "a supported version of Visual Studio could not be found"… Visual Studio was not installed, they did not own a copy of VS and were not prepared to pay for one. The battle commenced….Many hours of "fun" later…. We have a NAV2013 install that can design reports…

In summary this MSDN page led me to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which allowed me to install the required software

  • Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
  • Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Integrated)

This cured the initial error message but then presented me with a new one.

The Application Data for Visual Studio could not be created. (ARGHHH!!!)

To resolve this you have to manually create a folder (yes in this day an age you have to manually create a folder!!!)

Having manually created the folder (with no content) C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0

We can then design a report layout in NAV 2013….. simples!

Hope this helps someone….

(Big shout out to Claus Lundstrom's blog and Stack Overflow for this)


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