A Better Way of Invoicing: Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Do you still have Royal Mail collect your post each day? If so it could be a sign that you’re still using way too much paper than is necessary to run your business.

Just as email has superseded the fax machine, the days of sending invoices by post are coming to an end. With Zetadocs we’re now able to offer Microsoft Dynamics NAV users a simple way to distribute purchase orders, invoices and statements via email.

Of course, the paper trail flows the other way and Zetadocs can manage this too. We use desktop scanners (that are smaller than the usual flatbed scanners you’d imagine) that are very quick to scan paperwork into our system. Once scanned, the documents are easy to file, search and retrieve…and we no longer have to make space for all those shelves and filing cabinets. The savings all-round are enormous.

Equisys, the company behind Zetadocs, has released a video explaining how it all works. We’ve also got an online return on investment calculator so you can see how quickly cutting paper with Zetadocs will pay you back.

Technology Management is a Zetadocs partner so please contact us should saving money with electronic document management be important to your business.

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