24/7 Business Critical Support

From April 2nd Technology Management will be offering 24/7 support throughout the year for business critical support.

Most importantly it is our internal support team that will be picking up the call, rather than it being pushed through to an external agency or to an off shore company, who would have limited ability to resolve the issue.

With our growth into organisations that work around the clock, the need to respond to critical issues at any time has resulted in us offering this service for our Dynamics ERP (NAV/AX)  customers.

Many companies are reliant on processes such as EDI to kick off their working day and although these systems work 99% of the time, the comfort to know there is assistance should they require it. This is now becoming essential to meeting deadlines and SLA’s that our clients have in place with suppliers and customers.

If this is something that is of interest to you, contact jason.tromans@tecman.co.uk or via phone on  01902 578300

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