2011 Mouse Mat Calendars Now Available

Mouse-Mat-2011Many customers tell us how much they like our mouse mats because of the handy calendars we print on them. Not particularly high-tech for an IT company, but that’s besides the point…

The good news is our 2011 mat continues the tradition and is now available.  Customers will be getting theirs in the post soon, but we’ve got plenty to give away if you’d like to refresh your desk. Just let me know by leaving a comment below – I won’t hold it against you for not being a customer.

Two points worth noting:

1) The new mat features a picture of The Village People a group of people enjoying the benefits of our integrated business solutions . If you don’t want people smiling at you from your desk for twelve months, then it might not be the choice for you.

2) The new mats are made from a floppy, stickier material, so they don’t move around your desk as much as the old ones. However, it does mean that they aren’t as effective at scraping the ice from your windscreen.

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